Why Are Charlotte Area Saltwater Pools Advantageous Over Chlorinated Pools?

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You may have heard a lot of “buzz” about installing (or moving to) saltwater pools over chlorine pools? Chlorine pools have been the tradition for many years, but for custom pools in the Charlotte area saltwater pools have risen in demand because of some pretty significant benefits:

  • No need to store and handle toxic chemicals regularly
  • Easier to maintain than chlorine pools
  • Healthier on your skin, hair and body (and eyes!)
  • More “natural” solution environmentally
  • Save money over time
  • Not difficult to install or convert
  • More consistent purification of water

So what’s the real difference in the way saltwater chlorination works vs. chlorinated pools?

Well at its core, saltwater pools still have chlorine. It’s just created naturally at lesser levels and not added manually like chlorine pools. In a saltwater pool, a chlorine generator is part of the pool’s filtration system and provides a process of electrolysis to the dissolved salt and converts it to a natural chlorine. It does so consistently and reliably so that owners don’t have to do things like “shock” the pool with chlorine when they neglect it for a short time.

Drawbacks to Saltwater Pools

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Some drawbacks have been noted when comparing saltwater pools to chlorine pools, although the benefits typically far outweigh the drawbacks.

  • Initial investment to convert or install – although possibly more expensive up front, the money is returned over time
  • Water will have a salt taste to it that may bother some, although only 1/10th as much as the ocean

Where is the Industry Going?

Many experts suggest that more swimming pools will be saltwater based in the next 10 years than regular chlorine. Clearly many are fond of the benefits provided by saltwater pools.

If you’re ready to consider upgrading your Charlotte area backyard to a pool, contact one of our experts to see how easy we can make it for you.