Artisan can take your existing idea and run with it, or use our design expertise to create your backyard paradise. We will develop the concept into a 3 dimensional rendering that will convey all the elevations, textures and colors. Artisan will handle every aspect from the submittal to your property owner’s association, permitting, and even arranging water to fill the pool. As a client you will have the convenience of one contact person throughout the project.

Design & Layout

Artisan can take your own ideas and requirements and run with them, or we can use our experience and expertise to develop your custom backyard. Before we put a shovel in the ground, Artisan will layout the pool in your yard. You will know exactly where things are being placed. We will also take care of your building permits.


After our initial consultation, we put your ideas with our design expertise and prepare a drawing of your property


Once you have approved the location of your pool, we bring in the excavation equipment and get down to business.


The rebar is the skeleton to your pool. This is hand bent and tied on site for each and every project.


The hydraulics is the circulation system on your pool. Every pool is different. You will see the pumps, filters, and various other equipment installed during this phase.


At the gunite phase, you actually have a pool in your yard. This is the point where everything starts to fall into place and finishes will soon be applied.


Our licensed electrician will wire the lights, pumps, automation and other equipment into your existing electrical system.

Tile & Coping

The coping, or framing around the top of the pool, is now installed. The coping can be a variety of different materials. Natural stone, brick, travertine, all are candidates for the coping.


We are now approaching the end of your project. There are various decking choices.


As we finalize things around your new pool, landscaping is installed. We can do a basic planting around your pool, or landscape the entire yard.

Interior Finish

There are a variety of finishes and colors available for your pool’s interior. Artisan will assist you in choosing the right product to compliment your home and surroundings.


Now that your pool is done it is time for you, your family and friends to just enjoy.

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